Our client partners, friends and recommends can be found below.

Kinesis Marketing
Main site for Kinesis’ culture, work and contact.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
The only association dedicated to helping online, Interactive broadcasting, email, wireless and Interactive television media companies increase their revenues.

Essential site for interactive research and information.

The latest trends before they get huge.

Apple, Inc.
Gotta love them, even if you hate them.

Good daily dose of interactive marketing insights.

Fast Company
Still an insightful interesting magazine for business people who want to keep moving forward.

Google Reader
Fantastic way of keeping track of the subjects that interest you and have RSS feeds. With the amount of sites that have RSS feeds today its hard to keep track of them. Google Reader lets you organize them anyway you want and collects all the feeds for you so you only have to go to one place to read them.

Signals vs. Noise
Fantastic company that not only markets well but challenges the “old school” mentality of application development that is user centered and simple. This weblog is about entrepreneurship, design, experience, simplicity, constraints, pop culture, our products, products we like, and more.

A great way to get quick info on almost anything ever. It’s a wiki. What’s a wiki you ask?

The premiere national real estate web site (if we do say ourselves).

Like MySpace for adults. One of the best resources for social and career networking on the web.

Media Post
An essential site for those who buy, sell, touch and taste Media of all forms.

Media IN Canada
Because Canadians like media as well as hockey.

iMedia Connection
Timely interactive industry information as well as events and networking opportunities in the digital space.

A great site for all things marketing. Thousands of real-world case studies. Always timely, forward thinking and diverse.

Nielsen is the authority on web usability. Though it isn’t the most visually appealing site, the Alertbox articles are always informative and easy to search. The newsletter alone is worth the visit.

Highlights the best of the best in the world of digital advertising. Great for stealing, no we mean sparking, ideas.

Step out of your “digital comfort zone” and try something new by seeing how quickly web sites can evolve. Look up older versions of your favorite sites and see just how far we’ve all come.

Your “gateway to the Green Web,” Greenmaven is a blog that points out all that is eco-concious on the internet.

Your daily scoop on daily news in the mobile industry (one of the fastest growing in the digital space, by the way).

You may not yet have heard of this site, but oh boy, you will. Trust us.

The Industry Measure
Sign up for Fast Facts, the site’s weekly email; it provides a great snap shot of changing trends in the new media and graphic arts industries.

Design Interact
Good for sparking new ideas – the site of the week is always interesting.

Boxes and Arrows: The design before the design
Peer written articles focused on the information architecture and design industries. What separates Boxes and Arrows from the pack is quality of the content, the knowledge of the submitters and the inquisitive nature of the community.

A List Apart
Published and designed by Happy Cog (think Jeffery Zeldman), A List Apart captures the essence of standards based web design and production. Offering articles that span the design, information architecture and development communities A List Apart has become the first stop for those individuals that believe in the future of standards-based web sites.

Stylegala: Web Design Publication
Inspiration is found throughout the online world, but rarely do collections have this much impact on the visual space. The beauty in Stylegala comes not only from the design but from the fact that the designs are executed using web standards and CSS.

A cool website that will help you get through the morning.

Mavericks at Work
Innovation is a dead word. When you find real innovation, there are no words for it.

The latest news about everything. A web 2.0 original.

Hot gadgets and gizmos for all you technophiles.

The New Yorker
It’s not all technology and advertising around here. We also crave culture.


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