To Take Action or Make Action

By Anthony Nunno

I’m a person with strong opinions and have always been very vocal about them. I make no attempt to hide them, nor make any apologies; I’m a native New Yorker, it’s just not in my DNA! One reason I believe in voicing my opinion is in an effort to Make Action.

Making action is different than taking it. Making action means making things happen, it means not sitting idly by and letting others make the laws; it’s going out and telling them what I want it to look like, who I want it to effect or who I don’t—it’s getting involved in the planning process. Its’ also the very premise that allowed Facebook to grow and prosper over the years.

One topic that is particularly irritating is how our federal and state elected officials try to close budget deficits by raising taxes on the average Joe. I’m not talking Income Taxes, I’m talking vice taxes, sin taxes, bottled water taxes, sugar taxes, fat taxes… the list goes on and on. These taxes are the reason why the drink you ordered last night was $14, the reason why you’ve had to switch to generic soda, the reason why you have had to choose between food and cigarettes, or at least one of the reasons. I think these tax agendas are giving a new meaning to the old adage, being nickel and dimed to death!

So what does the average American do? Well, you can sit back with the $14 martini in your hand or you can speak up and Make Action. Whatever your issue may be there is a site that allows you to voice your opinion. So, get up and make action!

A great example of online advocacy is the destination site, which has been developed to fight federal and state tax increases on beer, wine and beverage alcohol. This type of sponsored advocacy is created for every person as a mechanism to reach out and Make Action by telling state and federal officials that there is opposition to the decisions and issues that affect lifestyle and checkbooks of the people they represent.

What I find amazing is the way emerging media has created a wealth of opportunity for each of us to Make Action. Through destination websites and microsites, Facebook, Twitter, mobile apps and even augmented reality you can contact just about anyone in order to get things done and make things happen. As of late, I’ve used the Internet in efforts to evaluate issues that are affecting me. I’ve researched the issue, formed an educated opinion and set out to search for ways to make the appropriate action.

I use as an example of fighting unfair tax increases for the purpose of this post. There are advocacy site for a gazillion issues citing both sides of the issue; the tools are there for you, so research, educate and MAKE ACTION in your favor because your opinion counts or at least mine does.


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