Truly On Demand!

By Nick Dimitrakiou

I think back to when I was 8 yrs old, and first introduced to the concept of cable TV. I recall it being described to me (from another 8 yr old) as the best thing since BigWheels – “there are over 50 channels and you can watch anything you want, whenever you want” he claimed.

At the time, to me, an 8 yr old Mets fan…this was a dream come true – I could actually watch my beloved Mets whenever I wanted! After much convincing, my parents finally subscribed to cable TV… and to my disappointment, not only could I NOT watch the Mets whenever I wanted, but the same was true for all my favorite cartoons. I had just experienced the promise of Video on Demand…not delivered.

Fast forward to 7 yrs ago, VOD, DVR’s allow me to “watch when I want” , but not necessarily “what I want” (very limited movie selections available)! Although getting closer…I am once again stymied by the false hope of True “On-Demand”.

While I understood why the likes of Blockbuster and TV Networks could not offer True On Demand experiences at the time, I was still hopeful that someday my vision of true Openness and On-Demand would mean exactly what I envisioned.

Fast forward a few more years. Broadband penetration and the pipe to homes enable improved video experiences. The ray of light emerges again….truly an opportunity to experience true On Demand – Movies, TV Programs and more! BUT, why do I have that beautiful plasma TV hanging from my wall if this experience can only be delivered online? Sure I could stream from my computer to my TV, but who wants to be bothered with all the hassle, and the less than HD quality etc.

Fast forward to today – I recently met with Yahoo to discuss the latest venture toward the convergence of TV and the Internet. – “Yahoo Connected TV”. This experience aims to bring the benefits of both platforms seamlessly fused together to offer TRUE OPENNESS and ON-DEMAND content – and we shall see soon enough.

According to Yahoo, sometime late March/early April of 2009, in a partnership with Samsung, they will begin rolling out IP TV’s that offer consumers the ability to download widget applications which deliver the promise of personalized, customized content whenever and however you want it!

How will widgets on TV allow this to happen you ask? Here’s how – some of the partners lined up to help roll out this experience include the likes of Blockbuster, Netflix and others…I think you get the picture. Finally, I will be able to experience true (dare I say it) On-Demand programming.

Below are some examples of what the widget gallery and doc tray will look like.


2 Responses to “Truly On Demand!”

  1. 1 Dave March 13, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    There are some inventions in life that change our whole existence and how we as humans operate. There’s the artificial heart valve, the discovery of penicillin, and now true VOD. The DVR has absolutely changed the way consumers digest content, interact with TVs and even interact with others. It’s not uncommon to walk into work and have someone say “Don’t talk to me about LOST last night. I DVR’d it and haven’t seen it yet.”

    True VOD (if this fantasy ultimately comes true) will take that even a step further and force marketers to innovate new ways to interact with consumers and expose them to their brand’s identity and messages.

    As a marketer that’s tough. As a TV junkie, that’s glorious.

  2. 2 nickdimitrakiou March 23, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Thanks for your post – it sure will be fun creating the experience along the way.

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