Networking In The Cloud

By Dane Troup

At the consumer level, cloud computing allows access to personal files, applications and communication from any Internet enabled device – anytime, anywhere. As more applications and services become available online, more of our lives move online with them. Everything from online banking to social networking is grabbing more of our time. As the number of applications grow the number of user profiles we juggle grows with it. Most of us are probably using the same login for every account but wouldn’t it be nice to have a single profile for every account? It’s probably not that far away.

If we look at The Run Around, The Insider or Chirp we see they are using Facebook Connect to leverage our Facebook ID and password to sign-in to third-party web applications. This integration with the sites extends the networks of both platforms and allows the information to be posted and shared throughout. For instance Chirp, a social site centered on TV watching, allowed me to login with my Facebook account. Chirp was then able to pull all of my profile information and image in from Facebook and all of my friends from Facebook that are on Chirp appear in my Buddies List. So when I am commenting while watching TV programs, the comments will post right to my Facebook wall. This is just the beginning. When a site extends its reach to a user’s Facebook network it has the ability to leverage trusted referrals. A site could have a “Share With a Friend” button that pulls up all of a user’s friends on Facebook and could shoot a message straight to them from a third party site.

“Our users love to consume our content and engage and share their opinions. We love the idea of enabling them to do this on, but also with Facebook’s over 150M users, many close to our core demographic. It enables users to have more meaningful engagement with our content, and is great exposure for our brand.”

–Debbie Gathard, Product Manager,

This may bring up privacy issues but as more consumers are entering the market having used the Internet for daily tasks and communication their whole lives, the safety issue seems to fade. As the consumers become more trusting and standards and integration of sites expand, we will see the ability to tap into and leverage a visitors network and online habits in order to provide targeted, relevant content and services.

Gone are the days of locking down sites in self-contained systems, never leaving their domain. Facebook claims that early adopters of Facebook Connect have seen a jump of 50 percent in user interaction. As more sites open up their data for integration with outside content, they will start to see the rewards that come with it. By interweaving content and assets throughout multiple services, sites will be able to leverage each other and the community.




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