Coldwell Banker Gets Viral

Trying to create virality from scratch is a difficult proposition at best. Expectations run very high and often the results don’t meet them. There are so many variables, like timing, content, and target audience, that are out of your control, it’s hard to project success. But we have to say regardless of the outcome of this campaign (we will have to wait and see) we just put together for Coldwell Banker, we are really proud of the work.

A little background: Coldwell Banker has just launched a new market positioning supported by a new TV campaign featuring the founders of the 100 year old company (well, their portraits anyway.) You can see the spots here to see what I mean. To support the TV campaign, Kinesis developed a highly interactive microsite aimed at allowing people to interact with Coldwell and Banker, get to know them and share them (and ideally the brand and its tools and agents) with others.

CB Microsite

Users will get to meet Coldwell and Banker in their office, watch the new TV ads, and even challenge them to online ping pong or a staring contest. The blog highlights the curious adventures of the portraits as they travel across the US – so far they’ve taken the time to ride a trolley car in San Francisco, visit the Grand Canyon, attend a rodeo and ride a roller coaster.

Visitors enter the microsite via the reception area of a virtual Coldwell Banker office. From there, they can enter the “Mail Room” to send friends eCards featuring the portraits; the “Theater” to view the portraits’ TV spots; the “Break Room” to challenge the portraits to ping pong and staring contests; “Human Resources” to learn about career opportunities with Coldwell Banker; and the “Conference Room” to use the company’s innovative real estate tracking tools including: Home Tracker, Home Value Estimator, Map Search, Video Library and Personal Retriever.

The site went live late last week and has already had more than 4000 visits a day. It’s a really fun site. Major props must go to Kinesis’ own Trevor Aldinger, Amanda Thiem, Paul Sekerka and Brian Kempf for their hard work and creativity on this.


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