Becoming Part of the Conversation: Equifax

We’ve spoken before in this space about how imperative it is now for marketers to start taking part in the internet conversation. We’ve talked about how consumers are discussing your brand or at least your business (whether you know it or not), and that getting in on the discussion, and helping to direct it, can help bring you brand, product or service into the light and delivering straight into the hands of of your consumers.

EquifaxOur client, Equifax , known to most as one of the three credit reporting agencies, has long been dogged by negative perceptions. Credit reporting agencies are thought to be the people who decide your fate when it comes to credit scoring. Not true. These companies just report the scores, they don’t decide that you can’t afford the car you want. Actually, they are the good guys because they can at least educate people on the credit scoring system and how it all works. Still, perception is reality, and Equifax often causes wrinkles in the brows of consumers when it comes to their credit scores. Kinesis has been working with them to try and change that impression.

As part of a larger Equifax strategy aimed at educating consumers on better understanding their credit, Kinesis helped develop the Equifax Learn Portal, a stand alone Web site dedicated to providing consumers everything they need to know about how to protect and maintain their interests when it comes to personal finances and credit. The site is an important foundation, able to be accessed from anywhere including paid advertising, search, offline ads and of course the main consumer site.

Equifax Learn

But it’s really just the foundation. Equifax could not sit back and wait for people to realize that they are helpers not hinderers when it comes to thier credit. So Kinesis, working closely with the Equifax team, delved into the internet information boards, places like Yahoo Answers and, to better understand consumer issues with finance, monitor the conversations around the Brand, and listen to the types of questions that are being asked . But listening is not enough.

Yahoo Answers 1

Yahoo Answers 2

When appropriate the Brand participates and offers guidance, clarifications and points people to the most relevant sections of the Equifax learn portal. An important fact of this 2.0 campaign is that we never hide that we work for Equifax, in fact, we were very up front. But the campaign has been successful so far because the information is good and useful and is presented in the right context. We are establishing trust and becoming a valuable part of the conversation.

How are you becoming part of the dialogue your customers are having?


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