Kinetic of the Week: Paul Sekerka

Paul SekerkaMy name is Paul Vladimir Sekerka and I work in the media group learning under Mike Pierre to become a finely tuned media planner/buyer. I also get to explore other facets of marketing in the digital space, namely the mobile market.

July 5th marked my first year here at Kinesis, and what a quick year it was. I like the family-like nature of Kinesis. I enjoy being able to oversee every aspect of a campaign, and not just fulfill my “required” role. Actually knowing and speaking to the partners on a daily basis and working with them on projects is a cool thing. I mean, how many people can say that they interact with an owner of the company they work for? Furthermore, how many can say that the owner they work for even knows their name? Anonymity is not an option at Kinesis.

I have many interests, but I find there to be too little time in a day/week to regularly follow an actual hobby. I like to follow whatever sport is in season, taking my dog, Rudy, to the park, and getting together with close friends whenever schedules allow.

Also, I have a maddening addiction to knowing answers to certain pointless trivia questions, so I often find myself “Google-ing” many things.

google search

I’m very competitive and I like to cook so don’t challenge me to a cook off!!I always thought that I would grow up and make a difference, and I find myself on the right path. But to give the cliché answer, who can be a sports enthusiast and honestly say they never had visions of hitting the game-winning home run in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, or catching a pass over the middle and going the distance for the winning touchdown? My sports dreams have been dashed, but I constantly look to make a difference when and where I can.

ED. NOTE: Paul’s sports dreams are not entirely dashed. As the captain and starting pitcher of our softball team, Paul has led Kinesis to an 8 and 1 record so far this season. The dream’s still alive for all of us!


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