Measuring Web 2.0 Success

With a new way to web, comes a new way to track and measure your success. In the 1.0 world, page views and total visits and maybe some interesting funnel charts if you’re lucky, were the standard metrics. But in the 2.0 era we’ve got more and better ways to measure success and track ROI. As Marketing Sherpa points out in its article on this topic, the rise in use new Web 2.0 technologies like Ajax and Flash that don’t require a page re-load can leave a gap between page view measurements and the interaction that users are actually having with the site.

The answer is based in some small tweaks to how we measure sites that are content-, Ajax-, Flash- and video-rich and it starts with the functionality itself. Comments to a blog post for example is a much better gauge of usership than page views alone. And what about maps? Zooming in, panning and other general interactions all tell more about the habits of the user than just the number of times the map page was loaded. Got image and video downloads? Of course you do. But are you measuring their usage? You can and should. And don’t forget your RSS syndication subscriptions. What better way to really get a sense of how you’re really doing by measuring how many people ask for your content to be delivered to them automatically?

Web 2.0 may be a little different from 1.0, but measuring it effectively to prove your worth isn’t. Just like the strategies of Web 2.0 , it just may a take a little re-thinking.


1 Response to “Measuring Web 2.0 Success”

  1. 1 dmarine40 July 12, 2007 at 5:50 pm

    I find it ironic that there is concern about measuring the effectiveness of Web 2.0 features, when there are still marketers throwing billions of dollars into television advertising with the only measurement being GRPs. Of course the TV advertising market is scrambling to find new ways to provide even a fraction of the measurements that marketers get regularly from their online media.

    I do love the “out of the box” thinking of the article to really make marketers and even web developers think about what online interactions really represent a true sense of the ROI of your website.

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