Creative Review:

In this episode, Kinesis Designers Trevor Aldinger and Larry Latore wax poetic about Vitamin Water, G.I. Joe and…..Ram Man?

Vitamin Water

Larry Latore Larry Fantastic: If you want to see all the flash you can shake, then check out With bottles flying, shapes bouncin and colors “poppin” vitamin water comes alive on screen.

Trevor Aldinger Trevor Awesome: The thing I love about this site is it makes quite possibly the most boring thing on earth (browsing through water bottles) into something really fun. Might be one of the coolest navigations I’ve seen in a long time. The only negative thing I can find are those annoying commercials they force you to watch after you select a flavor. It would be cool if you can interact with the water bottles somehow – like throw them around the screen or pour one on Kelly Clarkson. That actually might be a bad idea, and the reason I wasnt asked to create this website.

Larry Latore Larry Fantastic: You see so many all braun no brains flash sites, but this one actually schools you. “If you want to get mad healthy, drink some vw” (I just came up with that, too bad vw’s already taken). It was designed by a company called Big Spaceship, their client list is more impressive than my collection of Transformers. Just kidding (no Im not)…. Yes I am…. (nah).

Trevor Aldinger Trevor Awesome: I never got into Transformers, I was more of a G.I Joe fan. There was that time when I was really into He-Man, but there was something about bringing a figure named Ram Man to school that made that fad very short lived.

Larry Latore Larry Fantastic: With so much flash being abused these days, its good to see some guys and gals gettin together to make some good old-fashioned design lovin.

Trevor Aldinger Trevor Awesome: Larry… you’re fantastic.


Editor’s Note: Larry and Trevor are no longer dating but they both remain in love with Flash. See some of their recent work here.


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  1. 1 dmarine40 July 9, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    By the power of Grayskull, I pronounce this a fantastic post.

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