What Not To Do! Our 9 Search Engine Marketing Don’ts

Every Web site wants to attract visitors and most sites generate a substantial amount of traffic through search engines such as Yahoo and Google. However, listing your site with a search engine isn’t as straightforward as you might think. In order to remain credible and ensure that their users are satisfied with the quality of the search results provided, search engines place a very strong emphasis on the quality and relevancy of their search results. Unfortunately, many webmasters and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts employ questionable and deceptive techniques to artificially inflate a site’s relevancy and bolster its chances of returning high on a search query. These techniques can and will get a site banned from search engines.

Kinesis Marketing has developed 9 Search Engine Marketing Don’ts to help you avoid these techniques that can be detrimental to your site’s success.

  1. DON’T submit multiple URL’s for the same site. An example of this would be submitting mysite.com and mysite.com/index.html to a search engine database.
  2. DON’T use cloaking or doorway pages. Cloaking is having two separate pages, one optimized for the search engines and a different one optimized for the viewer. In other words, the search engine sees one page but the users is redirected to a different page when the link is clicked.
  3. DON’T use hidden text. Quite simply, this is placing hidden keywords on a page by making the font color the same as the background color (ie, white text on a white background). This renders the text invisible to the human eye but the search engine spiders can still see it. This results in a higher page rank and search engine listing for those keywords.
  4. DON’T use link farms. A link farm is loosely defined as a page that lists links solely or mainly for the purpose of achieving a high page ranking. Remember, you can have as many links to you as possible, but don’t be willy-nilly about letting others link to you. Always make sure that any site linking to yours is a relevant and topical partner.
  5. DON’T spam. Don’t send unsolicited commercial emails.
  6. DON’T sell page ranking. You cannot blatantly advertise the fact that your high page ranking site will sell a link to another site in order to boost that site’s page ranking. However, selling advertising in the form of a link on your site is perfectly acceptable.
  7. DON’T post identical sites. Creating and interlinking multiple pages all with identical or very similar content to increase page ranking is not allowed.
  8. DON’T’ create multiple domains. Creating multiple domains that redirect to one page and creating multiple domains with the same or nearly the same content and then interlinking them is not allowed. Always place unique content on each site, doing otherwise will result in a ban or penalty.
  9. DON’T have excessive links. Keep the number of links to under 100 on any given page. Having more than 100 links may result in a lower page ranking.

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