Conversation Mining: Are you listening?

With the proliferation of Internet discussion boards, forums, newsgroups, websites, podcasts, and blogs; can you be sure that your company is getting the right message out there?

To ensure your message gets to the widest possible audience you should be looking at an integrated marketing strategy that examines the range of digital channels available to you. Your website may not be enough to cover all bases. You may need to consider a blog, a newsgroup, or even a podcast.

Something else to consider; did you know that a couple of disgruntled references posted on online community sites can show up prominently on search engine results and discredit your company’s reputation? Word of Mouth has always been considered the best form of advertising. A restaurant that garners a lousy reputation for the quality of their service or food is dead in the water. The same is true, and is becoming truer, in the internet age with large companies. And it’s not just the negative stuff that hurts, but also the opportunity that exists to create positive sentiment that we’re talking about here. Consumers talk. And on the internet that chit chat is not idle, in fact it’s pervasive thanks to blogs, podcasts, and the like.

You can not can not only help diminish the impact of negative buzz but also increase the positive postings by promoting these positive references within the search engines, blogs and discussion boards that are relevant to your business and, concurrently, “pushing down” any references that would negatively impact prospects’ perception of your business. The solution often involves revisions of site copy and development of positive case studie, and even networking with vocal customers.

“Conversation mining” strategies are designed to help companies manage their online image and maximize business potential, not just on websites, but over the full range of communications channels available in today’s digital marketplace. But these strategies must be long-term commitments not just one-offs to be effective.


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