Let’s Generate Some Business Momentum

It’s easy to say. But harder to put into practice. “We need to take advantage of the digital space to market our product.” But even after 10 good years of the Internet, most companies still stand, sometimes all too comfortably, behind the 8-ball, unable to step into the “new” media space. There are good reasons for this of course. Marketing budgets continue to be tight and resources are even tighter. Plus traditional mediums like television are still a draw for those raised in a world where the water cooler talk was about Seinfeld instead of YouTube and ROI was a vague term that the marketers left for the accountants.

But often, it is not just fear of the outcome that prevents us from moving forward, it is often the question of where to begin. And that question is exactly what we hope will be answered in this blog. Where do I begin? What strategies and tactics exist for marketers right now that might help them test the waters, gain understanding? Who’s doing what and why? Has it worked? Why or why not? At Kinesis we call it “block and tackle.” It’s the first step in doing anything new. Let’s take one strategically motivated tactic and try it. If it works, we build from there. If not, we examine why and then look for how to improve it or look for another way in. The best thing about the digital space is that very little is permanent.

So we will endeavor to bring to the pages of this blog the little gems, the nuggets, the pearls, the seeds of ideas. We will challenge convention. We will share our opinion and we will demonstrate the good, the bad and the ugly of the digital landscape. We will make you laugh, cry and want to bring the whole family at Christmas. And most of all, we hope, we will make you think about how you can generate business momentum in your world.

One last note. In the digital space, feedback is critical. Sometimes it can be tough to take, but it is an important piece of the process. So we encourage everyone to challenge us as long as it’s constructive and brings value to the debate. We also reserve the right to change our minds on occasion. After all, momentum doesn’t have to be single-minded.



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